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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  January 8, 2016 4:30am-4:45am EST

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3 3 3 ((dave)) 3 3 3 developing this morning: the death... of a serial killer. oscar ray bolin was put to death... *late last night. ending *decades of drama. fox 13's shayla reaves joins us now, with reaction from the victims families. 3 ((shayla))we heard from mothers who have not only been living through the loss of their daughters but almost 30-years of legal twists and turns. even after
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ray bolin...for some, there is still a piece of closure they're not able to get. bolin never accepted responsibility for the crimes. 3 right now, you are looking at the faces of women never forgotten by those whose lives they touched. natalie blanche holley...stephanie collins...teri lynn matthews, described last night by her mother as a "ray of sunshine" ..whose grave friends still regularly visit in sign of remembrance. she went on to say witnessing last night's execution was something she "never wants to repeat," saying it was "not a celebratory event" but "relief" --- there will be no more trials and no more appeals. take a listen to the mother of stephanie collins...who shared these words, her family at her side.
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3 and one mother did not live execution of the man convicted of killing her daughter natalie blanche holley. natalie holley died almost three years ago at the age of 86.. still she was on the minds of those who attended the mother saying"unlike natalie holley who passed away i will go to my grave knowing i had expereienced lcosure in my daughter's murder."back to you. 3 3 in pasco county: a woman is facing several charges... after a wild *low-speed chase and crash.
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police parking lot! police parking lot! 3 it happened on u-s 19.. in new port richey. deputies on patrol say they spotted liisa myers dozing off behind the wheel. they turned their lights and sirens on to pull her over .. and she slowed to a stop. but when they approached her car, she reportedly hit the gas ... nearly running over them. then, they say she drove up the median and kept on going. that's when things got even wilder: 3 deputies and police followed her for several miles ... until she drove up to the parking lot of the new port richey police department .. drove onto the lawn .. and then backing up into a police cruiser. thankfully, no one was hurt in all this. investigators are now working to figure out if myers was *impaired at the time of the crash..
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3 it all started with a facebook post, on new years eve. and now... that simple resolution from a st. woman has quickly gone viral. 3 susan shain wrote the post. she asked others to consider a new year's resolution of not driving distracted. it came five months after her boyfriend was killed in a car accident. she believes his phone had distracted him. she's asking others to step up and keep their eyes on the road. and it's not just texting she's talking about. it's also changing the radio station or just talking on your phone. 3 that post has 3 now been shared more than 70- thousand times and has about 68-thousand likes. this is bittersweet for susan. she never wanted any attention from the post, but she hopes others will pay attention. and hopefully... it can even same some lives. 3 3 and a lot of excitment for nascar fans today. the
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facelift to the fans. it's called "daytona rising"... the newly expanded daytona international speedway. 3 the new stadium is nearly a mile long .. the top row of seats reaches 150 feet high ... that's high enough for the spectators to see the atlantic ocean. there are more than sixty luxury suites, dozens of brand new elevators, and all new *entrances for the fans. the official first *race on the four-hundred million dollar track will be january 28th .. that's a practice event for the "rolex 24." today is the start of the "roar before the rolex 24" ... where fans can meet with the driver. and of course the main event at daytona... the daytona 500.... is on february 21st. 3 it's time to check your spare change this morning. there could be a *fortune, hidden inside. someone in tampa just sold *their coin... for more than a *million dollars. 3 this dime is from 1894. what makes it rare... is that it was minted in san francisco. the coin's
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auction thursday for 1-point-9 million dollars... at the tampa convention center. here's why you may want to pay closer attention to *your loose change: there are 15 *other dimes like this.. that are still unaccounted for. ((more)) 3 3 and here's a closer look at this rare coin... so you know what to look for: one side has the profile of lady liberty... with the date at the bottom... 1894. the reverse side says "one dime"... now, here's the key... look at the very bottom:'ll see a tiny "s" down there... that tells you it was minted in san francisco. that's unusual because all other dimes that year.. were minted in philadelphia. if you think you have one of these... heritage auctions is offering to inspect and verify 3 it... for 10 *thousand
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*if it's worth 3 millions. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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still ahead: saying goodbye, to a seventies t-v
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legend. 3 plus: ever wished you could fly the "millenium falcon?" the dream just came true for one boy. and he doesn't even have to leave his house! it look like we may have our first "dad of the year" nominee. 3 ((jen but first, here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. tonight's mega millions jackpot is worth 165 million dollars. and don't forget about tomorrow's powerball... and how *can you? it's going to be the *biggest jackpot in u- s history. right now... it stands at 700 *million dollars. and it will probably be even *higher... by tomorrow night. good luck... and good day is back in less than two. 3 3
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3 we continue to follow a news alert right now out of philadelphia. a police officer is lucky to be alive... after he was shot *multiple times during an apparent ambush. it happened just before midnight while the officer was driving through an intersection. someone walked up to his driverside window and shot 13 times. the officer was hit three times in the arm , breaking the arm... and causing nerve damage. the officer still managed to
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arrested. the officer is expected to recover. 3 that's president obama last night... making the case for his executive actions on gun control.((more)) 3 after voicing his frustration for years... the president says he's now *forced to take those executive actions, to get things done under his watch. 3 during the live event, president obama pitched his plan to narrow the loopholes on background checks that are required for the purchase of a gun. he says.. an efficient system that doesn't inconvenience *legal gun seller or purchasers.. is necessary to make america
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3 the n-r-a was invited to participate in the town hall - but declined to make an appearance. the organization has long opposed the president's efforts. 3 hollywood is saying goodbye to "schneider" today. actor pat harrington just passed away. he was most famous for his schneider character on the 70' sitcom "one day at a time." in recent years, harrington suffered from parkinsons... and also took a fall and suffered a brain hemmorage. he died ,at the age of 86. 3 and in oklahoma... ?what do you get the star wars fan .. who has everything? probably this: a life-size replica of the cockpit of the millennium falcon! this little boy's dad and grandfather built the space ship in about a month. it was built to be like a playhouse... and there's also a projector on the top of the falcon... so they can sit
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